A multiplayer VR experience exploring modern dance through movement in VR

VRtuoos VRtueel is an interactive VR dance experience exploring the world of modern dance through VR. Relying on the fantastic medium of VR, this experience unites the physical and the virtual in an innovative and inclusive way.

During the experience, participants go on a journey in the virtual world of creative dance. Letting go of physical restrictions and learning how to mimic movements, participants dance, interact and create together. The experience stimulates and inspires people physically, as well as creatively. 

The multiplayer VR dancing project is a collaboration between Introdans and Studio VRij. The project was released in March 2023. 


About The Team

Artistic Concept & Development - Studio VRij & Introdans

VR Environment - Jakub Jekiel

Dance Moves - Mark van Drunick

Music - Peter Weekers

We are very grateful for the support of Gemeente Arnhem and the Stimuleringsfonds.

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