VR gives us the feeling we are completely free to create whatever we want. That’s why we are called Studio VRij, which means free in Dutch.

Studio VRij is an Amsterdam-based VR studio creating imaginative VR experiences that are social and playful by design. The studio was founded in 2020 by Mila Moleman and Sammie de Vries. Since then, we have worked with a vibrant set of clients on unique VR projects that invite people to play and connect.

Our mission is to unlock the social potential of VR, erasing the misconception that it is an isolating medium. We regularly organise workshops and talks with the aim of empowering people to start creating using VR.

What we do

VR Experiences

Step into a beautiful new reality, where you can hold hands, talk, and touch. Our VR experiences draw on the powerful human ability to share a story, a feeling, or an emotion with people around us. With our unique expertise, we have created imaginative virtual worlds for multiple industries: from health-care to art.

  • Social VR Experiences
  • VR Games
  • Interactive Storytelling


We believe that VR is better when shared with everyone. We regularly organise events that aim to educate and inspire people about VR. In addition to public events that let people try out our VR experiences, we also organise customised events such as team outings that enable playful connection with VR.

  • Talks
  • Workshops & Pop-ups
  • Team outings

360° Videos

We specialise in creating interactive 360° content that immerse the viewer in a story or environment. Whether it is a virtual tour or an interactive story, our 360° content gives viewers an unparalleled sense of presence and immersion. We ensure high quality results using the latest equipment and a streamlined editing process.

  • Virtual Tours
  • 360° Videos

Our team

In the press


Looking for a new job opportunity, internship or a challenge to reach the next level?

Studio VRij is looking for talented and driven VR game developers, 3D environment artists, C# coders, storytellers, designers, and marketing experts to join our team.

Reach out to us at careers@studio-vrij.com.