Based in the heart of Amsterdam, our passionate team of developers, designers and  producers share years of experience in building Virtual Reality experiences. We all share one common goal — bringing people together in VR.

Mila Moleman
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Mila is creative director and co-founder of Studio-VRij, loves design, art and entrepreneurship.
Sammie de Vries
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Sammie is creative director and co-founder of Studio-VRij, and loves telling stories with Virtual Reality.
Joelle Galloni
VR Developer
Joelle is a developer who builds systems and a creative who breaks them, she gets very enthusiastic about shaders and visual effects.
Eszter Novák
Eszter produces all events, and ensures smooth project-related operations. She is always on the lookout for thought-provoking and creative events in the arts.
Kevin Molnár
Marketing Intern
Kevin helps us establish and maintain a strong & cohesive brand image, while creating the coolest content.
Kuba Jekiel
Environment Designer
Kuba is an architect, using virtual reality to build the future beyond bricks and mortar.
Christian Minore
Environment Designer
Christian is a 3D artist who creates visual experiences, loves technical art and visual effects.
Interaction designer
Raki is an interaction designer who values playfulness and curiosity.


Looking for a new job opportunity, internship or a challenge to reach the next level?

Studio VRij is looking for talented and driven VR game developers, 3D environment artists, C# coders, storytellers, designers, and marketing experts to join our team.

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