A Place So Far (...)

A VR installation that lets you discover endless imaginative worlds

A Place So Far, A Place So Near, A Place So Sweet, A Place So Dear — Four titles that together form a short poem, reflecting the concept behind this VR installation. An interactive experience that allows for multiple visitors at once to influence the virtual space they're in by using their hands. Touching the magical sphere in the center of the installation takes the visitors on a melancholic and futuristic journey through an endless variety of worlds, from molecular fields to the deepest end of the universe.


Artists: Merijn Hos & Jurriaan Hos

VR: Studio VRij

Sound design: Felbm

Sphere: Studio Raito

📷 : Riccardo de Vecchi 

Location: De Helling 

Special thanks to Lucas Steenhuis & Joep Smeets

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