Oculus Cirrus

A VR game where where kids can explore a fantastical world in the clouds and learn about mindfulness

At the Crisis Centre of the child’s protection, children are waiting for a foster family. Unfortunately, it often happens that children stay here much longer than the intended 4 days to 2 weeks, because of insufficient foster care. That’s why Aukje Dekker and Studio VRij created a virtual space where they can be free and learn how to relax: above the clouds.

Oculus Cirrus is a virtual reality game that teaches young children to relax without realising it. It combines the action and sensation of flying in VR with the relaxing effect of breathing and mindfulness exercises. In the Oculus Cirrus the children go on a journey through the imagination. There is no winning or losing, no beginning or end. A dream world in which you can move freely and that gamifies “mindfulness".


Concept - Aukje Dekker and Studio VRij

Creative Director - Aukje Dekker

VR development - Studio VRij

Spatial Design - Studio Lonk

Music -The Opposites

Voice acting - Shahine El-Hamus, Theo Wesselo, Monique van de Ven and Edwin de Vries


The Amsterdam based newspaper ‘Het Parool’ interviewed Aukje Dekker about the project, and can be found here: https://www.parool.nl/kunst-media/met-haar-kunst-brengt-aukje-dekker-geknakte-kinderen-even-in-de-wolken~b1b72ae1/


Leger des Heils, Jeugdhuis Vliet en Burgh
Oosteinde 102 2271 EJ Voorburg

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